Day: March 9, 2019

MEDICAL SPOTLIGHT: Quick, Skilled Action By Dr. David Neely Restores Frances ‘Bunny’ Cummings’ Sight

With two locations serving Brevard, Florida Retina Specialists provides comprehensive medical and surgical retinal eye care. Dr. Frank Venzara III and Dr. David Neely recently spoke with Space Coast Daily’s Gina Liberto about their backgrounds, practice and the specific conditions they treat.

NASA’s New Horizons Team Created 3D Views of Kuiper Belt Object ‘Ultima Thule’

Cross your eyes and break out the 3D glasses! NASA’s New Horizons team has created new stereo views of the Kuiper Belt object nicknamed Ultima Thule – the target of the New Horizons spacecraft’s historic New Year’s 2019 flyby, four billion miles from Earth – and the images are as cool and captivating as they are scientifically valuable.

Steven Montalvo Arrested With 14 Counts of Possessing Child Pornography

A 24-year-old Deltona resident has been arrested and charged with 14 counts of possessing child pornography. Steven Montalvo (DOB 4-9-1994), 679 Pyramid Ave., Deltona, was arrested on a warrant at his home Tuesday afternoon by the Volusia County sheriff’s Deltona Crime Suppression Team.