Month: July 2019

WATCH: Brevard County Fire Rescue Raising Awareness for 9th Annual School Supply Drive

Do you know Brevard County has over 2500 low income families in Brevard County? Brevard County Fire Rescue has an opportunity to prepare these children to walk into their first day of class prepared and ready to learn.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrats Pass Resolution To Condemn President Trump’s ‘Racist’ Remarks

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed a resolution Tuesday evening condemning President Trump’s “racist” remarks this weekend — although the moment was largely overshadowed by a dramatic floor fight earlier in the day that ended with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ruled out of order for a breach of decorum.

WATCH: National Air and Space Museum Puts Neil Armstrong Spacesuit on Display for First Time in 13 Years

Fifty years after the historic Apollo 11 mission that landed the first humans on the moon, the Smithsonian is celebrating by releasing the results of a multi-year conservation effort of Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit.