Day: September 1, 2019

UPDATE: Brevard Public Schools Closed Monday Through Wednesday Due to Hurricane Dorian

Brevard Public Schools will be closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday due to Hurricane Dorian. This includes all schools and district-related offices. There will be no extra-curricular activities, sports or childcare services through Wednesday. “We will continue to keep our staff and families updated as we go along,” said Brevard Public Schools Officials. “In the meantime, please stay informed and stay safe.”

5 P.M. REPORT: Hurricane Dorian Makes Landfall On Bahamas, Moving West at 5 MPH Carrying 185 MPH Max Sustained Winds

Category 5 Hurricane Dorian is continuing to bear down on the Bahamas on Sunday. Meanwhile, the catastrophic hurricane has slowed down its movement again after the latest report shows Dorian moving to the west at just 5 mph, according to National Hurricane Center’s 5 p.m. report.