Day: December 1, 2019

Space Coast Has Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity to Support New Type of Commercial Space Business

The next generation of space travel is increasing the launch tempo on Florida’s Space Coast and creating new business opportunities for launch support services that have not been seen before.

EDUCATION: Florida Prep Offers a Number of In-House Academic and Private Scholarships

As we head into the holiday season it’s easy to find ourselves becoming increasing cynically; the overstocked shelves, the avalanche of television ads and the crazy behavior of harried parents as they strive to fill Christmas lists with toys so sophisticated that in days gone by they could have sent a rocket to the moon.

NASA Embarks on Five U.S. Expeditions Targeting Air, Land and Sea to Investigate Processes

NASA is sending five airborne campaigns across the United States in 2020 to investigate fundamental processes that ultimately impact human lives and the environment, from snowstorms along the East Coast to ocean eddies off the coast of San Francisco.