3 Ideas for Your Non-Traditional Restaurant

You don’t want a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant. You want something more “outside of the box.” These are three non-traditional ideas for restaurant set-ups that just might inspire you.

1. A Food Truck 

A food truck is an excellent set-up for businesses that want to serve simple takeout-friendly fare from juicy hamburgers to ice cream sandwiches. Any menu option is fair game as long as a customer can dig into it while standing on the sidewalk. 

What makes a food truck such a good idea? For one, it’s much more affordable than a brick-and-mortar location. It has lower overhead costs and requires fewer employees. 

A food truck’s mobility is also an incredible feature. The mobility gives your business the freedom to reach more customers. You can go downtown and grab the attention of hungry workers on their lunch breaks. You can park near popular tourist sites and get travelers excited to try the local food. You can even book a spot at a crowded festival and quickly get a lineup of attendees. The mobility can open up catering opportunities for private events, too. Lots of summer weddings will want food trucks parked outside their venue.

Another benefit that you might not have considered is food trucks were pandemic-friendly. Since customers could socially distance in line and dine outdoors, they were considered a safe option for enjoying cuisine outside of the home. So, if a similar situation to COVID-19 ever happens, you can be sure that your food truck can ride out the problem relatively unscathed.

2. A Shipping Container

If you’d rather your restaurant stay in one place than be on the move, a shipping container food stand could be the right pick for your business. A shipping container food stand will provide a lot of similarities to a food truck. It’s a compact venue that offers takeout for people who want to enjoy their meal outdoors, and it comes with lower overhead costs and staffing needs.

If you’d rather it be a sit-down restaurant, never fear! You can create a larger sit-down dining space by stacking multiple containers on top of each other or by adding an outdoor patio. It could be a quaint lunch spot where you serve coffees and sandwiches on the rooftop or a trendy speakeasy-inspired bar. Make it fit your business’s vision!

Where do you get a shipping container? You can click here to buy used shipping containers for your future food stand/restaurant. This online portal will give you access to a variety of old and new shipping containers for you to modify for your business. Browse to find the right grade, size and type for your needs. 

3. A Ghost Kitchen

A ghost kitchen is a term for a restaurant that doesn’t offer any dine-in services. It only does delivery. The ghost kitchen trend surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since so many restaurants had to close their dining spaces for safety measures, restaurants focused on doing delivery only. While some places opened their dining spaces back up to the public, some have decided to stick to deliveries.  

What is the benefit of a ghost kitchen? The operational costs for a delivery-only space will be lower than a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant since you’ll only need a kitchen to prep and cook the food. 

These restaurant set-ups are anything but traditional. Break outside of the box and start your business!

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