Author: Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo Thanks Their Dedicated Staffers During National Veterinary Technician Week

Kristi and Kaleigh come into work every day expecting something new. Will it be a blood draw on a rhino? A dental cleaning on a jaguar? An ultrasound on a sea turtle? Our vet techs wear lots of hats, and this National Veterinary Technician Week, we’re taking our hats off to them.

Brevard Zoo’s Two-Year-Old Red Kangaroo ‘Bunji’ Receives Treatment From Staff to Repair Broken Bones

Bunji the two-year-old red kangaroo received some extra TLC following damage to his right forelimb. During the keepers’ daily morning check-in on July 6, it was apparent that Bunji had broken one or more of his bones. We’re not sure how he managed to sustain this injury.