Author: Gregg Re, Fox News

WATCH: U.S. Senate Passes Historic $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Compromise Package

The Senate passed a massive $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus compromise package just before midnight on Wednesday, ending days of deadlock and sending the bill to the House of Representatives, where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said there will soon be a “good debate on the floor” over the historic measure to bring relief to individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations. […]

Rick Scott Calls Sen. Bill Nelson ‘Sore Loser’ and ‘Trying To Commit Fraud To Win’

Florida Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott on Sunday directly accused his Democratic opponent, incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, of being a “sore loser” who is “clearly trying to commit fraud to win this election,” one day after the Florida Secretary of State announced recounts in the state’s Senate and gubernatorial contests as votes continue to be reported.

Kavanaugh Accuser, Christine Blasey Ford Demands ‘Full FBI Investigation’ Before She Testifies

Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor claiming Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her more than 35 years ago, late Tuesday demanded a “full investigation” by the FBI before she will attend any congressional hearing or “interrogation” into her accusations.