BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: NBEDZ Quarterly Review of Business News in Mims, Port St. John, Scottsmoor and Titusville

North Brevard Economic Development Zone Report

Following is a quarterly review of business news in Mims, Port St. John, Scottsmoor, and Titusville, Florida published by the North Brevard Economic Development Zone.

BREVARD COUNTY •TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA – Following is a quarterly review of business news in Mims, Port St. John, Scottsmoor, and Titusville, Florida published by the North Brevard Economic Development Zone:

Draper, a renowned engineering innovation and research firm, has announced plans to acquire an  approximately 5-acre site in Titusville’s Riverfront Center business park for the development of an  initial 37,000 sq. ft. testing and production facility, for analysis of critical guidance, navigation, and  control technologies on missile systems. The new testing facility, which will involve the construction  of a large centrifuge (a device that subjects an object to centrifugal force), is located just eight miles  from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The project is expected to result in a capital investment of more  than $50 million.  

Serving as development partner in the project is North American Properties (NAP), which also owns an  approximately 20-acre site in Riverfront Center, and an 11-acre parcel in the county’s Spaceport  Commerce Park. It will lead the development, permitting, and construction of the facility. 

As the U.S. Navy’s prime contractor for strategic guidance systems, Draper has designed and supported  the guidance system for every fleet ballistic missile deployed since 1955, according to Draper CEO and  president, Dr. Jerry Wohletz.

The new facility, termed Draper’s Strategic Enhanced Ground Test Facility  (SEGTF), will enable the company to provide engineering research and development services for its  customers in the national security, space systems, and electronic systems industries. The initial  employment footprint at the facility will be 50, but Draper expects that number at the Titusville campus  to grow in future years.  

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Des Moines, Iowa-based TWC Services, a parts and servicing firm that began in 1906, has leased  approximately 12,000 sq. ft. of industrial space on Capron Road in Titusville for its “Space Coast”  operations center. The company provides parts for HVAC systems and refrigeration units, including  commercial-grade ice machines and other commercial kitchen equipment items. TWC also operates a  team of service technicians that provide scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs. The Titusville  site, staffed by 10 employees, plans to service all of Brevard County and parts of east central Florida.  

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Olympian LED, Inc., a manufacturing company that provides LED lighting for signage and displays,  has announced plans to acquire a 4.5-acre lot in the Spaceport Commerce Park in Titusville, for the  construction of a new 15,000 sq. ft. facility for production, fabrication, and assembly; the new facility  will also house the company’s administrative offices and parts warehousing. Olympian LED, which  currently leases space along the Hopkins Avenue industrial corridor near downtown Titusville, has been  in operation since 2014. According to information supplied by company CEO, Braden O’Keefe, the  project – representing both land acquisition and new building construction – is expected to result in a  capital expenditure of more than $2.5 million.  

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The KEY Group, a real estate development firm based in Boca Raton, Florida, has received preliminary  site permitting from the City of Titusville to begin sitework and construction activities on a new 200,000  sq. ft. industrial building; the new structure will be located on a parcel of land owned by The Titusville Cocoa Airport Authority, near Grissom Parkway and Space Coast Regional Airport. Marketed as “Space  Coast Innovation Park,” the KEY Group expects to build at least two additional industrial buildings on  the 50-acre parcel, which it anticipates will be leased by light manufacturing firms and companies  operating in the logistics sectors. Given the growth of the aerospace industry locally, the development  firm also expects to have tenants representing that industry sector. According to KEY Group president,  Kathleen Yonce, the project represents an initial capital investment of more than $10 million.  

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Working in concert with the City of Titusville’s Economic Development Department and the North  Brevard Economic Development Zone (NBEDZ), the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s  Space Coast (EDC) recently secured a grant commitment on behalf of the Spaceport Commerce Park in  Titusville from Florida Power & Light (FPL) under its “Florida First Sites” program. The First Sites  program is an effort to improve an industrial site’s readiness for development, and to assist the EDC  with marketing those sites to economic development consultants, commercial realtors, and corporate  real estate teams.  

The Brevard County-owned Spaceport Commerce Park, encompassing over one hundred acres of  available light industrial land, was selected as one of ten locations in Florida to be awarded the FPL  grant commitment. Working in collaboration with Global Location Services (GLS), a leading site  selection and economic development consulting firm, the grant proceeds will enable the EDC, the  NBEDZ, and the City of Titusville to accelerate the site readiness of the park’s remaining parcels. GLS  will create marketing materials for the commerce park and will assist FPL in promoting the lands on  the Florida First Sites webpage.  

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With a plant facility in Mims, Linde is a world leader in supplying industrial gases and engineering  systems to a variety of manufacturing and institutional concerns; last year, the publicly traded firm  posted sales of more than $33 billion. The company recently completed a major capital expansion of  its Mims plant, which now employs more than 40 people at the site. Linde serves many markets,  including chemicals and energy, food and beverage, electronics, healthcare, and local companies in the  aerospace sector. From its founding in 1879, the company has expanded through several acquisitions,  including the recent purchase of NuC02 (a leading provider of beverage carbonation) ten years ago.  

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The Greater Titusville Area is home to many manufacturing and production firms, but perhaps none  sweeter than Butler’s Raw Chocolates, a producer of candy and confections. Founded in 2008, the  company recently expanded from the City of Cocoa (aptly named, in this case) to Titusville two years  ago, leasing 4,000 sq. ft. of space for “chocolate manufacturing” on Hopkins Avenue. Needless to say,  the company has no difficulty recruiting workers (or Oompa Loompas) to work inside. The firm is also  a leading provider of raw “superfood” chocolates, which include organic ingredients to provide  nutrition, with its chocolates close to 35 on the Glycemic Index (GI) scale.1 Butler’s now ships its  chocolates to all fifty states.  

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Local Employment Data. The table below shows the latest employmentstatistics for the northern part  of Brevard County, Florida – principally, the communities or Mims, Port St. John, Scottsmoor, and  Titusville – according to seasonally unadjusted figures obtained from the Florida Department of Commerce (its Local Area Unemployment Statistics, or LAUS, data set), and the U.S. Bureau of Labor  Statistics.  

 August 2023 A Year Ago (August 2022) Percent Change 

County Unemployment Rate  3.2 %  2.9 %
County Labor Force Size  308,591  298,450  3.4 %
Titusville Unemployment Rate  3.3 %  2.9 %
Titusville Labor Force Size  22,889  22,209  3.06 %
State Unemployment Rate  3.1 %  3.3 %
State Labor Force Size  11,226,000  10,838,000  3.58 %

1 The Glycemic Index (GI) scale ranges from 0 to 100, with pure glucose at the highest score, 100. Eating low GI  foods can help a person maintain tighter control of the body’s blood sugar – particularly important for diabetics. 

Local Real Estate Market, as of August 2023. According to the Space Coast Board of REALTORS,  “Closed Home Sales” (single family homes) for August were down -7.1%, with 936 units closed,  compared to 1,008 units a year prior (August 2022). “New Pending Sales” were also down, by -13.7%  over the previous year, along with “New Listings” – an indication of available housing stock – at -7.0%.  

The Median Sales Price for a Brevard single family home was down slightly, by -2.1% (to $370,000),  compared to last year during the same period, which saw the Median Sales Price at $377,835.  “Months’ Supply of Inventory” of homes for sale was up, by 20.0% to 2.4 months, an increase from 2.0  months during August 2022.

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Available 41,000 sq. ft. office building for sale, constructed in 1988, at corner of Grumman Place and  SR 405 in Titusville; asking price of $6.95 million. Situated on 9 acres, with a “campus feel.” Contains  conference rooms, break rooms, and a receiving area with hydraulic lift. Separate utility building  with roll-up doors and office space. Paved parking areas can accommodate 100 vehicles.

For more  information, contact Brian Lightle at, or 321-863-3228. 


The North Brevard Economic Development Zone (NBEDZ), created in July 2011 by the Brevard County  (Florida) Board of County Commissioners, is a Special Dependent District under Florida Statutes, Chapters  125 and 189. The Zone was formed with the goal of facilitating job growth and economic development in  the northern part of Brevard County following the end of NASA’s Space Shuttle program. In that regard, it  seeks to provide financial and technical assistance to businesses prepared to make a substantial capital  investment in the area and create a significant number of new jobs. To view the Zone’s written Economic  

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