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MEDICAL SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Allison Wade Joins the Team at First Choice Medical Group

The myriad disorders that affect feet and ankles keep Dr. Allison Wade on her toes. The newest member of the medical team at First Choice Medical Group, Dr. Wade is currently the only fellowship-trained foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon in Brevard.

First Choice Medical Group Provides Dr. Anthony Lombardo Time To Practice Medicine

With almost 30 years of Orthopedic Surgery under his belt, Dr. Anthony Lombardo could practice anywhere, but he opted for First Choice Medical Group because the multi-disciplinary medical center of excellence in Melbourne provides him with what he desires most: time to practice medicine.

First Choice Medical Group’s Dr. Raymond DeLorenzi’s Experience With Sports Medicine Earned Firsthand

Dr. Raymond DeLorenzi must have been born with an ice hockey stick in his hand, because by the time he was the ripe old age of two, he was already playing hockey in the frozen suburbs of Sault St. Marie in Ontario, Canada. He couldn’t have chosen a better place in which to practice.

Dr. Kenneth Sands Performs Ground Breaking Knee Replacement Surgeries, Receives High Praise From Patients

Miracles do happen. Just ask Dr. Kenneth Sands’ patient, who walked on his own power after going through total knee replacement, in an outpatient setting, no less. Advances in technology and techniques have made the procedure radically different than it was even just a decade ago.

First Choice Medical Group Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Raymond DeLorenzi Discusses Makoplasty Knee Replacement

First Choice Medical Group Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Raymond DeLorenzi talks about his movie role in the hockey cult film “Slapshot,” a 1977 comedy film directed by George Roy Hill, written by Nancy Dowd and starring Paul Newman. On the varsity hockey team at the University of Notre Dame, DeLorenzi was also a professional hockey player with the World Hockey Association.