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WATCH: Vice President Mike Pence Details U.S. Space Command at Kennedy Space Center

U.S. military operations in space are back under a single unified command after President Trump ordered the Defense Department on Tuesday to revive the once-retired U.S. Space Command. Vice President Pence outlined the plan during a visit to Florida’s Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday. (NASA image)

Vice President Mike Pence, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan Detail Progress Made in Space Force

Space is a crucial domain that the United States must continue to exploit and lead in, said Vice President Mike Pence at the fourth meeting of the National Space Council at Fort Lesley J. McNair here yesterday.

Space is Integral Part of National Defense, Space Force Will Protect, Expand U.S. Cosmic Capabilities

The proposal to form the U.S. Space Force is rooted in protecting America’s advantages in space and in ensuring such advantages continue, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan said during a roundtable discussion with Pentagon reporters yesterday.