WATCH LIVE: Melbourne Bulldogs Take on ES Edouard from Canada For Cocoa Beach Spring Training


ABOVE VIDEO: Melbourne Bulldogs Take on ES Edouard from Montreal Canada.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Melbourne Bulldogs take on ES Edouard from Canada in the annual Cocoa Beach Spring Training.

Every spring, college and high school baseball teams from all over the U.S.A, head south to the sunny, beautiful Space Coast and its beaches for Cocoa Beach Baseball/Softball Spring Training – one of the nation’s oldest and largest Spring Training programs. Space Coast Daily’s Giles Malone was on scene during a recent game between  Bloomington High School versus Belle Plaine High School.

All scheduling of games and practices is performed by a former highly experienced college coach who understands the importance of making the schedule as complete as possible for each team so that teams can get the practice and game schedule that they need to meet their goals.

The team’s previous won and loss record and other factors will be used to match opponents. The schedule of each team will be given undivided attention by our Baseball Director who will communicate directly with each team on an ongoing basis to maximize the opportunity for each team.

If you are looking for an intensive week of baseball in a great spring location, Cocoa Beach Baseball Spring Training on Florida’s beautiful Space Coast is the perfect choice for your next spring trip!

At the end of a hard day of training and play teams can relax and unwind by visiting the Space Coast’s finest site. The baseball fields are located on Florida’s Space Coast just a short drive from beautiful Cocoa Beach. For more info, visit

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