Why Celebrities Love DEMOBAZA

Research shows that people have a close connection with the clothes they choose to wear, especially when they believe in their symbolic meaning. Clothes can certainly affect emotions, which are part of the cognitive process.

People generally reach for clothes that make them feel happy, demonstrating the psychological power of clothes. A study introduced the idea that when clothes have a symbolic meaning, they can impact how effectively their wearers can perform. They used the term “enclothed cognition.”

Futuristic Fashion Trends

Whether you call it bleak chic, dystopian fashion, survivalist fashion, post-apocalyptic fashion, or future wear, these themes are not new in fashion and have been around since the late 1930s. These amazingly innovative fashion movements are more than just reflections of the mood of the times, but also a way for designers to express spirituality, influenced by music, major film releases, or even from picking up a theme started by another fashion designer.

Over the years, we have seen collections influenced by these trends from fashion houses like Chanel and Balenciaga. During the fall shows of 2020, these themes appeared in several European collections, including some with face coverings, reflecting a subdued reminder of the health crisis.

Still, DEMOBAZA is the name ingrained in everyone’s mind for their immediately recognizable style and futuristic vision. The fashion brand’s collections reflect the concept of “people of the future” – they have a strong voice, robust character, a lightworker’s core, and embody spiritual warriors.

Building A Philosophical Foundation

Since creating the brand in 2007, DEMOBAZA has become a favorite celebrity fashion brand, inspiring many people in the creative arts globally. Behind the creative lab are designers Demo and Tono. Described as futuristic nomad adventurers, their style and characters represent the future heroes who will save humanity.

As the brand has grown, its philosophy remains intact. The Avant-Garde details of their minimal look are inspired to help evolve the community of lightworkers (the awakened beings that have the interests of the Earth at heart).  

The only fashion brand to draw inspiration from the barren landscapes of deserts, each of DEMOBAZA’s unique collections has the feel of the arid silence of the desert wind. These landscapes are the foundation for their designs, and some of the world’s most iconic deserts form the background of the photographs in each collection.

Anyone who feels they are one with nature can find their core and purpose from the inspiration behind the deconstructed uniform feel of these gorgeous designs.

Inspiring Artists

DEMOBAZA’s combination of the post-socialist spirit of their Bulgarian heritage and astonishing futuristic ideas continue to inspire. Celebrities love their collections of clothes, coats, and boots.

Their high-end casual couture, using natural and high-tech materials, has made its way to several notable Hollywood movie projects. We have seen their work in shows like Star Trek, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Resident Evil (worn by Milla Jovovich), Valerian, Black Panther, Men in Black 2, City of a Thousand Planets, and many more.

Music and visual artists have relied on DEMOBAZA for their personal and professional appearances and projects. These include Janet Jackson, KSI,Pink, Starset, and Gary Numan, who have had outfits designed for their concert tours, music videos, and their entourage of dancers, and musicians. Grimes, the famous Canadian singer, has supported the couture brand and its revolutionary creations for years.

The New Spiritual World

Favorably mentioned by magazine editors, celebrities, influencers, architects, musicians, dancers, and choreographers, DEMOBAZA is admired globally for its conceptual designs.

The team at DEMOBAZA base their work on the power of consciousness and the strong notion that no one can control real love. Their representation is the vision of the new human being, ready to pass over to a new spiritual world once they overcome the current fake values of an artificial material world.

They base their vision and work on the transition of human consciousness and the time of the spiritual warrior that will take humanity into a higher dimension. Here, people will rekindle their contact with nature, happiness will become the soul’s natural state, and everyone will awaken to a brighter future with values and beliefs.

DEMOBAZA’s powerful message resonates with hope, making their instantly recognizable designs a powerful symbol of their values and beliefs, much loved among celebrities. 

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