Indian River Preserve Community – D.R. Horton Express Homes

There have been water issues in Indian River Preserve over the past several months. Here is the latest guidance as of April 2, 2023

Please refrain from watering your yards and other non-essential water use.

The Mims/North Brevard water plant is unable to meet the current high demand for water. The reuse system serving Indian River Preserve is also no longer meeting the demand.

Both the potable water and reuse systems demand are higher than the production ability at the plants. This may result in reduced water pressure, potential boil water notices, and the need to turn off the reuse system.

Thank you for your assistance in lowering demand.

Brevard County Utility Services

Safety/Crime Issues for the Indian River Preserve Community last updated June 30, 2022

The Indian River Preserve Community in Mims, FL, is a community being built by D.R. Horton. The majority of the homes seem to be the D.R. Horton Express Homes brand, with a few of the D.R. Horton brand, and soon to be townhomes.

Most streets fall under 2 home owners associations. The ‘master’ HOA for the entire community is controlled by Olen Properties (the own the land D.R. Horton is purchasing to build homes) employees with a representative from D.R. Horton on the board. NO homeowners are currently on the board. All appointments to the board are made by Olen Properties employees. Many streets then have an additional HOA strictly for their street, who must follow the guidelines of the master. Architectural review board changes submitted to the street HOAs must then get approved by the master.

Safety Issues

Although it’s generally a nice area, there have been some recent safety concerns.

April – June 2022 known issues.

  • June 30, Loggerhead reportedly had a car stolen
  • June 29, Fitzroy had multiple vehicles broken into and contents stolen. If you are in the neighborhood and have a Ring account, check the Ring Neighbors section for video.

From Feb 2022, up until April 2022, there have been multiple incidents.

  • Mid February, a homeless convicted sex offender was sleeping in someones back yard. They were arrested inside the community for 1) possession of a firearm/weapon/ammo by a convicted felon, 2) Possession/use of drug paraphernalia, 3) controlled substance – possession without a prescription.
  • End of February, a new unregistered vehicle, not belonging to anyone in the community was stolen and stashed in the neighborhood. This has happened multiple times in the past several years.
  • Mid March, a residents car was stolen from the front of their home.

When notified off the issues, the response we got back was:

The subs should send out letters to homeowners, create a neighborhood committee to meet monthly and then just advise homeowners to lock their doors at night, install cameras, etc. … There will be a letter going out to homeowners in the coming weeks regarding this matter and to remind the residents that their sub associations are to handle issues like this internally.


  • Fitzroy Reef
  • Falcon Lane
  • Starling Place
  • Loggerhead
  • The Greens (building)
  • The Lakes
  • Quantum
  • Townhomes at Morrow Place (building)

Do you live in IRP? If so, checkout the community Facebook page. Please note, this is a private group and you must live here to join.