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World’s Richest Person, Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos to Divorce Wife of 25-Years

Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie are divorcing after 25 years of marriage, the Amazon CEO, Blue Origin Rocket Company founder and Washington Post owner has announced, potentially leading to the costliest divorce settlement in history with $137 billion at stake.

NASA-Supported Nine Payloads to Get Lift From Blue Origin’s Suborbital Launch Complex in West Texas

Before a NASA technology makes it to orbit or lands on another planet, researchers test – and retest – it in space-like conditions. These tests often take place on Earth, but some payloads take a trip to suborbital space for a few minutes of valuable microgravity testing.

BREAKING: 18th Judicial Circuit Court Denies Bond Validation In Blue Origin Economic Incentive Grant Case

Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Judge Jeffrey Mahl has denied Brevard County’s complaint for validation in the County’s seeking to borrow $8 million to fund an economic incentive grant to private aerospace company Blue Origin Florida, LLC.