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WATCH: Brevard County Fire Rescue Raising Awareness for 9th Annual School Supply Drive

Do you know Brevard County has over 2500 low income families in Brevard County? Brevard County Fire Rescue has an opportunity to prepare these children to walk into their first day of class prepared and ready to learn.

Boeing Prepares Brevard County Sixth Grade Students to Make NASA’s ‘Next Giant Leap’

Boeing space exploration engineers helped Brevard County sixth graders make NASA’s “next giant leap” during the Destination Mars Innovation Day challenge Thursday, Feb. 28, at the Brevard Public Schools District.

Brevard Schools Foundation Awarded More Than 826 Scholarships to High School Seniors, Valued at Nearly $700,000

Brevard Schools Foundation has awarded more than 826 scholarships to graduating seniors valued at $699,629. Designating a scholarship allows members of the community to invest in talent from our local area, support student career goals and help our children succeed.

Brevard Schools Foundations Receives $39,000 Grant to Benefit Local At-Risk Youth

The Brevard Schools Foundation is the recipient of a $39,000 continuation grant from the Heineman Foundation. The Foundation has selected Brevard Cultural Alliance (BCA) to administer the grant to continue serving at-risk youth in Brevard County.

Brevard Schools Foundation Gets $120,000 Boeing Grant To Fund Expansion of STEM Initiatives

Brevard Schools Foundation is the recipient of a $120,000 grant from The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] that will fund the expansion of STEM initiatives centered around the augmentation and expansion of the Destination Space program as well as the development and implementation of the new Destination Mars program and space exploration education curriculum.

Brevard Schools Foundation Seeks Sponsors for the 8th Annual ABC Awards Set Jan. 23

Brevard Schools Foundation is seeking sponsors for the upcoming 8th annual ABC Awards to be held on January 23, 2019. Each year, Brevard Schools Foundation Applauds Brevard’s Champions at the biggest educational event of the year – The ABC Awards.

Balda Family Foundation Announces Grant For Take Stock in Children Program

Brevard Schools Foundation is pleased to announce the award of an $11,000 grant from the Balda Family Foundation. These funds will be used to purchase Florida Prepaid Scholarships for students in the Brevard chapter of the Take Stock in Children Program.