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HEALTH & WELLNESS: Brevard Health Department Provides Tips to Help you Avoid Diabetes

November 14th is World Diabetes Day and provides an opportunity to increase awareness about the different types of diabetes, share information about prevention, and communicate the importance and benefits of diabetes self-management education at our county health departments.

Friends of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Brevard Presents ‘Diamonds are Forever’ Dec. 1

The Friends of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Brevard will present the 3rd Annual James Bond-themed gala, “Diamonds are Forever” to benefit the Children’s Advocacy Center of Brevard.

CENTRAL FLORIDA HUMANITARIAN: Leonard Bream Assists Homeless in Need of Hygiene Items

After getting a first-hand view of the homeless problem in Brevard County, Leonard Bream quickly realized that these less fortunate individuals lacked needed hygiene and health items that most of us take for granted. With assistance from the Brevard County Professional Firefighters and support from Brevard County Fire Rescue, the “Brevard Cares” program started.

CENTRAL FLORIDA HUMANITARIANS: Youth Mental Health Task Force Formed By Dedicated Community Leaders

Youth Mental Health Task Force’s deeply caring efforts have been effective in reducing the rate of teen suicide and suicide attempts by taking a comprehensive countywide approach. Among the task force goals is to remove the stigma of mental health, so youth will feel comfortable using the resources that are available to those who are depressed, feeling alone or practicing self-harm.

CENTRAL FLORIDA HUMANITARIAN: Dr. Mark Pinsky Has Donated Thousands of Hours To Brevard Prep Sports Community

For the last three decades, Dr. Mark Pinsky has donated thousands of hours and his considerable expertise to the Brevard youth sports community through his dedication as the team physician for three different high schools.

CENTRAL FLORIDA HUMANITARIAN: Florida Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary Treats Injured, Orphaned ‘Patients’

Florida WildlifeHospital and Sanctuary treats approximately 5,000 injured or orphaned wildlife patients every year, for it is as it should be since the whole point is to help the creatures return to the natural world.

Community Foundation for Brevard Funds Florida Tech Alzheimer’s, Cancer Medical Research

The Community Foundation for Brevard awarded Florida Institute of Technology researchers nearly $80,000 under the Medical Research Grant to Find Cause and/or Cure for Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and Other Pervasive Diseases initiative.

CENTRAL FLORIDA HUMANITARIAN: Jessica André Hits Mark in Her Many Volunteer, Philanthropic Activities

Jessica André is currently the vice chair of the Health First Foundation and is on the board of the Bridges Foundation, which sustains the work of Bridges, an organization that helps individuals with disabilities. She is also on the board of Field of Dreams, the West Melbourne park created for persons with physical challenges.