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WATCH: USNS Comfort Hospital Ship Arrives in New York City to Assist Coronavirus Patients

The United States is at war with an invisible enemy in the coronavirus, President Donald J. Trump said from the dock at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, where he and Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper saw off the Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort as it left for New York City to join the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Health First Made Early Investment in Technology to Better Manage Operations During COVID-19 Response

As the volume of COVID-19 patients requiring treatment increases, health systems must quickly and accurately understand and then optimize internal capacity within each of the hospitals within their enterprise, in addition to identifying and communicating newly allocated overflow capacity. […]

BREVARD COVID-19 UPDATE: Palm Point Behavioral Health Fully Operational and Serving the Needs of Our Community

Tom Mahle, CEO of Palm Point Behavioral Health: As leaders in mental healthcare, we are making every effort to avoid inciting unnecessary panic or anxiety among our clients and families, and we are taking every measure to protect them – along with our employees – during this dynamic situation. […]