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PHILANTHROPY SPOTLIGHT: Health First Collects More Than 40,000 Relief Items for the Bahamas

About 30 Health First associates coordinated a collection to assist those in the Bahamas who were devastated by Hurricane Dorian. With more than 9,000 Health First associates, 40,348 items were donated over a two-day period across various drop-off locations across the system.

Health First Patient’s ‘Very Scary’ Diagnosis Shows Critical Need for Regular Dermatology Visits

After Tracy’s surgery, she went straight to social media and posted a photo of the four- to five-inch scar on her upper arm. An inconspicuous spot on her arm had brought her to the dermatologist. It ended up saving her life. The pink mark that looked like a pencil eraser was something much more sinister – malignant melanoma.   

Health First Exercise Technician Patricia Lehigh Debunks Common Myths About Workouts

There are several misconceptions when it comes to finding the best full-body workout routine for the summer. Many student athletes and parents are on a mission to try to get in shape and might come across common workout myths along the way. Do you know which ones are true and will actually work?

Advanced Cooling Systems Protect Health First Hospitals During Hurricanes

Many hospital organizations are busy preparing for hurricane season, a time when they and millions of coastal residents and businesses pay close attention to tropical waves and disturbances as they begin to take shape over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season officially began on June 1 and ends November 30.

Bell’s Chimes Celebrate Chemo’s End, Ringing the Bell Has Become a Rite of Passage for Cancer Patients

Julie approached the metal bell anchored to the wall, dabbing the corners of her eyes with a tissue before grasping the thickly braided rope. The first yank didn’t deliver any clangs, just laughs. But on Julie’s second try, a metal echo pierced the air, followed by the applause of her husband and care team.

Health First, AdventHealth Expanded Partnership Officially Begins, Will Create Super-Regional System of Care

Health First and AdventHealth have announced this week they have signed a deal to align resources. “Health First and AdventHealth have a proven track record of working together to enhance health care for the communities we serve,” said Steve Johnson, President & CEO of Health First.

Know Your Hospital’s Quality Ratings: Take a Look at Recent Federal Government Rankings in Brevard County

At Health First, we are incredibly proud of the care our associates and physicians provide each and every day to produce high-quality outcomes. Health First’s Viera Hospital received five stars – the highest accolade possible. Only 6% of hospitals in the country achieved this mark of excellence.