CENTRAL FLORIDA HUMANITARIANS: Bridges Foundation Enriches Lives of Those With Disabilities

Bridges, formerly ARC of Brevard, is the go-to agency for clients with significant physical, intellectual or developmental challenges. Many of them have been associated with Bridges for more than two decades. Whether the issue is employment, housing, life skills training or enrichment, Bridges is there for them.

CENTRAL FLORIDA HUMANITARIANS: Neighbors of Suntree Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

The  Neighbors of Suntree women’s civic group of more than 300 members focuses on helping Brevard through financial support of a host of community service organizations. “Being part of Neighbors of Suntree is like being with family,” said vice president June Mikell.

CENTRAL FLORIDA HUMANITARIANS: Youth Mental Health Task Force Formed By Dedicated Community Leaders

Youth Mental Health Task Force’s deeply caring efforts have been effective in reducing the rate of teen suicide and suicide attempts by taking a comprehensive countywide approach. Among the task force goals is to remove the stigma of mental health, so youth will feel comfortable using the resources that are available to those who are depressed, feeling alone or practicing self-harm.

CENTRAL FLORIDA HUMANITARIANS: Brevard Veterans Memorial Center Features Dedicated Army of Volunteers

The army of Brevard Veterans Memorial Center volunteers have grown to almost 100 individuals who work at the museum, library, store, vet support activities and management and maintenance of the Center and the adjoining 82-acre Veterans Memorial Park.