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SPEND THE NIGHT UNDER THE STARS: Top Camping Spots on Florida’s Space Coast

It is officially the fall season. Besides all the festive décor lining storefronts and a subtle pumpkin and apple spice aroma filling your nostrils, the air is starting to make its way to cooler temperatures, which means being outdoors is all the more appealing.

QUICK CAFFEINE FIX: Top Coffee Shops on Florida’s Space Coast Offer Best Brews Anywhere

Where would any of us be without this wonderful little bean that brings us so much joy anytime of the day. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or someone who is just needing a quick caffeine fix, the Space Coast has several shops for you to try not just any ol’ coffee, but some of the best brews that come with an experience.

Artist Derek Gores: Florida’s Space Coast Great Place to Live, Think and Create

World-renowned contemporary artist Derek Gores knows culture. He’s traveled to galleries across the globe exhibiting his fine art collages. Despite having experienced cultures around the world, Gores has found there’s no better place to “place to live, think, and create” than on Florida’s Space Coast.

WATCH: Florida’s Space Coast Presents Episode 5 of Rocket Talk: ‘The Road to Mars’

Welcome to Rocket Talk! The show that talks rockets, space, and everything in between. On this episode, Florida’s Space Coast is at Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.