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Port Commissioner Jerry Allender Endorses Mac McLouth For Canaveral Port Authority District 5 Seat

Port Commission District 5 Candidate Malcolm “Mac” Mclouth has received the endorsement of current District 1 Port Commissioner Jerry Allender in the upcoming 2018 election.

Brevard County Commissioner Jim Barfield Endorses Mac McLouth For Port Canaveral Commission

Mac McLouth, a Republican candidate for the Port Canaveral District 5 seat, announced Wednesday that he has received the endorsement of Brevard County Commissioner Jim Barfield.

WATCH: Port Canaveral Commission Candidate Mac McLouth Details His Plan To Clean the Lagoon

Port Canaveral District 5 Commission Candidate Mac McLouth explains his action plan to cause millions of gallons of fresh ocean water to flow into the Indian River Lagoon in an effort to reduce the brown algae which is plaguing Brevard’s most precious body of water.

WATCH: Mac McLouth Urges Port Canaveral Commission To Save Popular Beachfront Jetty Park Land

Mac McLouth, a Republican candidate for Canaveral Port Authority Commission District 5, explained the facts and history concerning 9.6 acres of land at Jetty Park owned by Brevard County which is under negotiation for purchase by the port.

WATCH: Mac McLouth Talks About How Short-Sea Shipping Can Benefit Port Canaveral and Brevard Community

Mac McLouth, a leader in the growth of Port Canaveral, discusses ways that short-sea shipping can increase cargo into the port, lessening interstate road gridlock and other benefits.

WATCH: Mac McLouth Seeks Solution To Clean, Restore the Indian River Lagoon

Mac McLouth reviews ways that sea water could be introduced into the lagoon through weirs and other means so that flow could be increased which could lead to improved water quality in the Indian River Lagoon.

Dr. Duane De Freese and Mac McLouth Discuss Health of Indian River Lagoon From Port Canaveral Lock Gates

Dr. Duane De Freese, Executive Director of the Indian River Lagoon Council, and former Port Canaveral Commissioner Mac McLouth provide up-to-date information about the Indian River Lagoon from the Port Canaveral lock gates.

WATCH: Mac McLouth Driving Force For Progress of Port Canaveral For More Than 50 Years

MALCOLM “MAC” MCLOUTH, a driving force of the progress of Port Canaveral since the 1970s, has served as a port commissioner nine times and as the CEO for four years. McLouth, a civil engineer, has devoted a large part of his career to the creation and advancement of Port Canaveral and is now running again for the District 5 seat.

WATCH: Canaveral Port Authority Candidate Mac McLouth Details His Vision For Port Canaveral

Malcolm “Mac” McLouth, Republican candidate for Port Canaveral District 5, discusses his vision for the future of Port Canaveral, along with the challenges to be faced by the port – one of the region’s most important economic engines.