Rowan College Softball Team Misses Cocoa Beach Spring Training But Lifts Spirits of Apollo Elementary Students

The Rowan College of South Jersey softball team was not able to make its annual trip to Space Coast Spring Training this year, but that did not bench the Roadrunners when it came to uplifting the spirits of elementary school students in Florida’s Brevard Public School District. […]

COVID-19 UPDATE: Sunbathing, Sitting in Chairs On Cocoa Beach Declared Illegal, Perps to Be Fined $500

Cocoa Beach City Manager Jim McKnight declared activities on Cocoa Beach  “such as sunbathing, sitting in chairs or laying on blankets is not permitted” as of Friday morning at 8 a.m. The penalty for sunbathing, sitting in chairs or laying on blankets on Cocoa Beach will be $500 per occurrence until further notice.  […]

George Trosset’s Unique ‘Surfing Santas’ Event Will Draw 1,000 Surfers, 10,000 Fans to Brevard

In November of 2009, surfer George Trosset happened upon a Honda car ad depicting surfers wearing Santa Claus suits. Trosset loved the idea and enlisted the help of his wife, Nihla, to help him fashion a suit that from 20 feet or so would look like a Santa outfit.