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WATCH: Brevard Zoo Releases Two Juvenile Green Sea Turtles into Indian River Lagoon

Juvenile green sea turtles Don King and Kazoo returned to the Indian River Lagoon in Titusville yesterday morning. Don King, who was admitted to Brevard Zoo’s Sea Turtle Healing Center on March 29, came in with a fractured front flipper and an old, healed fracture to the shell; and was covered in barnacles.

Brevard Zoo is Building a Home for Lions in Expedition Africa, On Track for Completion in 2021

The Brevard Zoo has announced that they are taking the next step by supporting AZA’s lion Species Survival Plan and building a home for these magnificent cats at the Zoo, where they will be safe from the threats facing their counterparts in Africa and help ensure a future for lions in human care.

WATCH: Critically Endangered Lemurs Julienne and Juniper Have Arrived at Brevard Zoo

Three-year-old red ruffed lemur sisters Julienne and Juniper have debuted at Brevard Zoo. This playful primate pair—the first members of their species ever housed at the Zoo—has taken up residence in a newly renovated habitat that formerly held rock hyraxes and turacos.

Shell-ebrate World Sea Turtle Day at Brevard Zoo on June 16, Features Special Activities

Shell-ebrate World Sea Turtle Day at the Zoo! Explore an obstacle course that simulates the challenges these animals face, play educational games, create a turtle-themed craft and meet representatives from local conservation organizations, including our very own Sea Turtle Healing Center.

SUMMER EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Brevard Zoo Hosts Arctic Blast Every Tuesday Through June and July

There’s nothing quite like summer heat in Florida, and Brevard Zoo plans on helping its guests stay cool with Arctic Blast Tuesdays. Every Tuesday in June and July at 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m., Zoo staff will place two or three 300-pound ice blocks in the Paws On “play lagoon,” a shallow water play area.