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920th Pararescueman Air Force Reserve Spouse Sheri Hufnagel Serves as Homefront Hero

The car battery died; the air conditioner just quit working; the dog needs to be walked; the kids need help with homework; your dentist called for appointments; dinner hasn’t been cooked; the dishes aren’t clean; the grass is too tall; and the laundry hasn’t been started. This is day two of your spouse being gone on an overseas combat deployment.

920th Rescue Wing Widow To Holds Walk/Run on Beach to Bring Awareness to PTSD, Suicide

Air Force veteran Stacey Pavenski, 46, of Palm Bay, Florida, has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but she didn’t get it from serving in combat. It came from her husband’s combat struggles that drove him to take his own life in their bedroom, Sept. 18, 2017, while she was in the kitchen. He was 45.